Final 2017 Standings

1. THE CHIEF | 382.5 PT
2. GRINGO | 322.5 PT
3. IZIZ | 278 PT
4. VERTIGO | 269.5 PT
5. McCANIC | 220 PT
6. LOST | 219 PT

Here they are, the final standings of the inaugural Asphalt Hunters Touring Club season! The winner is The Chief, who stayed in the lead from start to finish. Not all of the members were happy with this result, at least after a couple of races, as he is also a co-organizer, but The Chief proved that he was simply without competition. The last race was a simple formality, he already had such a surplus of points.

The second place was taken by Gringo, the second co-organizer, and someone might think that there was a smell of conspiracy, but no, all accusations were dropped unanimously, as both leaders were simply unbeatable on the track.

The last on the chart is Igor. Igor was busy the entire season showing up only at the end, the Batuje special. He is an unofficial member for now. Hopefully he will show more commitment next year as we all believe that he would be a great addition to the squad!

The third place went surprisingly to Iziz, the resident terrorist of the group. Why surprisingly? His car is so under powered and seriously non-sporty that he had to compensate this handicap with some really, really good drives.

Vertigo shares at least similar if not the same story. Although he had a couple of mishaps like getting lost where lost was just a word, then there were stomach problems, yeah, he was actually sick, but he soldiered through and finished 4th overall. Not bad!

Next was McCanic. To finish 5th seems like a poor result, but no, the only professional mechanic in the group did well, more than well. He took part to only 3 races, that’s all, but it was enough to gain a really respectable position and a good prospect for the 2018 season.

Now it’s the turn of the least respectful positions. 6th was Lost and the name says it all. The man gets lost in his own apartment, not to talk about a network of narrow roads we usually use, but forget this, he is the true hero of the herd, he as never gives up, always there in the front lines… OK, back lines, a true Asphalt Hunter!

The final positions are taken by members which didn’t take part to more than two races, Petroletic and Willy Bum Bum. The two men spent much of their time searching for excuses rather than racing, but in the end they gave up. I firmly believe that they will become a full time active members as they are true petrol heads, they adore their cars and are actually a couple of really good and honest guys!


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