The 2017 Annual AHTC Meeting

Hi, guys, since the racing season is over, it’s time to celebrate and to draw a line under the first year of AHTC Misfit Racing. It was one hack of season, we had it all, mountain and canyon roads in the Julian Alps, we visited the spectacular hills of Kras, the Trnovo plateau wasn’t bad either. We encountered a couple of obstacles as well, from tractors and domestic animals on the tarmac to long waits due to traffic lights, it wasn’t always pretty, but in the end, we soldiered through, always in one piece. We had a really great time in Bovec, the picturesque alpine village, where we spent the night in an old military watchtower, the season’s finale in Batuje wasn’t bad either.

If not the most important, the results of the races were interesting too. The Chief, the most experienced guy on the starting grid, surprisingly became the first AHTC Champion, with 3 wins out of 5 races, a spendid achivemet, which will remain in the annals for years to come. As you might predicted, Lost was the season’s looser with 4 last places, but who cares, he is, and always will be, a true AHTC legend!

If you want to find out more, join us at the McCanic’s Garage on 22nd of December staring at 18:00. We are going to look into the past, present and especially the future of AHTC. New season is fast approaching, so we’ll going to cover a fistful of topics, 2018 racing calendar, new routs, recruiting new members, the progress of the blog and e-shop, and more will be discussed. After all formalities are done, we’ll have a party as well… So, plenty of reasons for you to join, isn’t it?


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