CRT “PETROLETIC” STROPNIK 2017-12-12T21:13:19+00:00

FULL NAME: Crt “Petroletic” Stropnik

BIRTH DATE: 25. January 1989

AHTC RANKING: Active Member

VEHICLE: Seat Leon Cupra 2009



Have I messed up with my Leon? Of course, I did! My Spanish beasty is pumped up like a road racing cyclist preparing for the Tour. The list of modifications goes on and on, and so goes the bill, but it was worth it, every single penny of it, as my beloved makes me smile every time I take a look at her… and you just can’t put a price on happiness… sort of… And there is more to come, you know! My desired mods are like the waves… go on, try to count them…

All these upgrades aren’t there for nothing. I must confess, I’m quite an inexperienced driver, and the only thing I can do to compensate the handicap is to take advantage of my car, and, believe me, she never lets me down.

Although I absolutely adore my Cupra, my long-lasting fantasy was, and still is, to own an M Powered machine. At least once in my life I would like to be in possess of one of the Bavarian monsters, but that’s just to fulfill a dream, I’m not sure that I’ll stick to it, I might well run back to my old love, the Leon Cupra. Like a man having a midlife crisis; he can mess up with hundreds of lovers, but, in the end, he always comes back to his wife.