JANI “THE CHIEF” NOVAK 2017-12-17T15:18:17+00:00

FULL NAME: Jani “The Chief” Novak

BIRTH DATE: 15. April 1977

AHTC RANKING: Co-President of the Committee | Founding Member

VEHICLE: Mini Cooper S R53 | cca. 2005 | “Miss Mossy”



 The name derives from the old Lady’s sad past. Yeah, the poor thing was lying in a corner for about a year, left there rotting. She was actually covered in moss when I first saw her and that’s the true source of her name. A dedication is also hidden in the nick name, as I wanted to insert a tribute to one of the all-time greatest race car drivers, Sir Sterling Moss. So, after a couple of months of treatment at a small, but famous, workshop we put the once forgotten lady back on the asphalt. Miss Mossy is now in a pretty good shape, at least according to her age, but she is still waiting for a make-up. When finished, she will become a true jewel of the region, but for now, let’s just keep her as she is.