TADEJ “IZIZ” CESNIK 2017-12-12T21:09:15+00:00

FULL NAME: Tadej “Iziz” Česnik


AHTC RANKING: Founding Member

VEHICLE: Seat Ibiza 2004



Once upon a time I was driving on the highway. My drive was smooth, almost boring, my thoughts were lost in the horizon… And then, all of a sudden, a lightning! A bullet! Maybe it was my low speed that made the thing look like it was flying, but I was stunned! It was a Peugeot, didn’t even realized of what type, all I saw was a small silhouette and the shiny lion emblem on the hood. I was hooked, hooked by that hood! Internet sites and car dealers became my home, I learned simply everything about the Frenchy, I became the source of Peugeot knowledge. Hmm, yeah, maybe on the outside… more and more I dug, more I was confused… If I get an old one, it will be ruined and soon become a nightmare, maybe I can squeeze out of my valet just a little bit more and get a new one, but I’m not really a wealthy man, so it could possible become a load too hard to handle, not to mention that I already have a project sitting in my friend’s garage, the old equivalent of what I was dreaming about, a 1990 Peugeot 205 Gti. During all that mess I, of course, needed a commuting car, as I’m not that much of a walker. So, after all that thinking, torn between dreams and reality, I got myself a poor old 2004 Seat Ibiza, which has become the only car I actually use. What a confused man I am!