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The Races are the most important segment of Asphalt Hunters Touring Club, the core of our activities. Let’s find out how this system works. First of all, the competition’s playing ground are roads open to traffic, we never use race tracks, and the supreme code is, obviously, the Road Code. If you brake this code, or better, if you get caught by the officers of law, you are automatically disqualified, no discounts here.

The second book of rules is the actual AHTC Races book. The 2018 season will be composed of 7-9 races. The events location is always in the Western side of Slovenia, the home ground of the club. The committee chooses the route, which is about 2-3 hours long. A 12h race will also take place in 2018 as the pinnacle of the season. The committee is obligated to present the route at least 5 days before the race.

The competitors have to reach 5-8 check points, usually small villages or famous monuments, with the race finish being the last one. Since we do not have race officers on check points, we use a clever system for the competitor to prove that he/she actually reached all of them. You have to make a selfie with the name sign, which marks the beginning or the end of a village, or a selfie with the monument in the background. Before every race each competitor is also presented with a so called “Time Mark”. A Time mark is an object previously unknown to the competitors and has to be visible on the selfie to prove that he/she didn’t took the photo before the race. You don’t need the selfie of the finish line.

Every competitor has to do a predefined number of small tasks too to gain bonus points. This tasks are necessary to even out the difference in horse power of vehicles and giving a chance of winning the race to competitors with underpowered cars too. This tasks can be from taking photos of stuff to fetch a rotten tomato or a rock from a river, it’s up to the committee to decide what you should do and the amount of points a competitor gets. Every competitor has to present the photos to the committee right after he/she completed the route.

The winner is who gained the most of points available. You get a predefined points from the placement of the driving performance and for the tasks done. Here is the points chart:

1st place: 100pt

2nd place: 85pt

3rd place: 70 pt

4th place: 55 pt

5th place: 50 pt

6th place: 49 pt

7th place: 48 pt

8th place: 47 pt

each next placement below looses 1 point against previous position

Every competitor will get double points for the 12 hours race. The marathon event will be without tasks.

The committee can change the rules of the race in case of bad weather. To minimize the risk of accidents a scaled down race is organized. A predefined short course, usually a lap, is revealed before the race and all the racing tasks are canceled. Every competitor has to cover the lap Three Times and all three laps are measured. The first lap becomes the reference lap, the second and third lap has to

The one who gets the most points during one season is the season’s champion.